Book One of the Post-Human Universe

Finding your place in the world is tough; especially if your world is filled with pissed off superheroes who want to kick your…

DarkLight is a conflicted supervillain preparing to leave the bad guy business behind. But the disappearance of Drake Weston – criminal mastermind and genius billionaire- results in DarkLight being enlisted for one final job.

The search for Weston will take DarkLight on a tour of his own past sins and present strife. It will also bring him into the orbit of The Dominatrix – who’s new to the supervillain game, and has an abundantly more carefree approach to playing it.

Little do they know that their search for one man will lead them to discover a threat greater than they could imagine.

If redemption is to be found for DarkLight, he’s going to have to earn it. Even if it’s the last thing he does.

Coming soon this summer! Check back here, find me on Facebook or Twitter for sample chapters and giveaways.

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